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RC - Multiple Panel Pieces – Diptychs, Triptychs, and More (2011 – 2019)

Over the years, I have created several multiple-panel Rete-Chromes. Intended to hang together in sequence, they often reference landscapes. While each panel stands on its own compositionally, together they form a single larger image. Recently, I have been exploring multiple panel Rete-Chromes with alternating size, shape, and/or color pallets. The references in these works are more open ended.

Celebration of Life #1Triptych
Celebration of Life #2 Triptych
Celebration of Life #3 Triptych

Celebration of Life  

78 x 44.5 + 24 + 44.5 inches

Blessings of Joy

Blessings of Joy

75.5 x 17 

60 x  12.5


Sky Suite

5 panels 75.5 x 19 inches  each

Boundless Journeys - Dedham Medical, Nor

Boundless Journeys

 5 panels 84 x 16 inches  each

Dedham Medical, Norwood, MA

Regis In Circulation

In Circulation

7 panels 144 x 24 inches each

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